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Compliance Solutions

You may be brand new to compliance, charged with developing your organization's first compliance program.  Or it may be time for independent eyes to confirm your compliance program's strengths, or to help you identify opportunities to take your compliance program to the next level.  Whatever your need, when it comes to operating an effective compliance program, we are here to help you succeed.

Compliance Program Evaluation

Is your compliance program well structured? Working as you intend?  Achieving desired objectives?  Our three tier evaluation can help you find out.

Board Advisory & Expert Services

Is your board satisfying its fiduciary obligations?

We can work with your board oversight committee to facilitate understanding and confirm appropriate oversight.​

Interim Staffing

Having trouble finding qualified compliance

personnel?  Our interim or outsourced compliance

services may be the answer.

Independent Review Organzation Services

Managing a CIA?  Searching for the right IRO to meet CIA requirements?  Our seasoned team is uniquely qualified to fill this important role.

Healthcare Compliance Consulting

How can we help your healthcare compliance program succeed? We have tackled nearly every compliance program challenge.  We are ready to help you succeed. 

Enterprise Risk Management

If you could design the perfect enterprise risk management strategy what would it look like? Let us help y


Arete Compliance Solutions, LLC

20 E. Thomas Road, Suite 2200

Phoenix, AZ  85012


Tel: 480-925-3550



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