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How Can We Help Your 

Organizational Compliance 

Program Succeed? 

In Greek culture, achieving areté required attainment of personal excellence on several levels (intellectual, athletic, ethical).  Similarly, operating an effective compliance program requires development of well-structured program elements, and coordination of multiple elements so that they work in tandem, programmatically, to promote compliance and to prevent and detect unethical and illegal conduct. 

Our consultants bring decades of practical experience establishing and managing compliance and enterprise risk management programs.  We have real world experience developing, implementing and integrating program elements into fully functioning compliance programs.   We are prepared to help you succeed.


Healthcare Compliance


Compliance Program Design and Implementation

If you are new to compliance and need help with the initial design and implementation of your compliance program; or if your program needs an overhaul and you’d like experienced help to assure you get it right, we can help.  We have designed and implemented compliance programs for organizations large and small.  We’re happy to help you create a compliance program that is consistent government and industry guidance, and that reflects best practice for compliance in similar provider organizations.


Compliance Risk Assessment

Your compliance program is up and running, but how do you assure the program is addressing your organizations most significant compliance risks?  We can help with a proven process for identifying, evaluating and prioritizing compliance risks – and for developing plans to address risks.  We’ve helped many organizations assure that their compliance program investment is focused on mitigating the most significant risks to their organization’s wellbeing.


Physician Arrangements Compliance Programs

We are experts in physician arrangement and Focus Arrangement compliance.  We have established “Arrangements Compliance Programs” for multiple complex provider organizations.  We can help you design and implement:


  • Procedures to assure appropriate up-front review and approval as new arrangements are created or existing arrangements are renewed

  • Procedures for confirming and documenting that compensation is at fair market and is consistent with other legal and regulatory requirements

  • Policies and procedures to promote compliance in management of physician and other referral source arrangements

  • Specific training programs to assure that personnel who may have an impact on your organization’s compliance understand legal and regulatory requirements, and know what is required to maintain compliance

  • Auditing and monitoring programs to validate compliance with legal and policy and procedure requirements

  • Contract management and other systems and processes to facilitate compliance with this complex set of legal and regulatory requirements


Compliance Training

We have developed and delivered compliance training programs in nearly every area of concern to health care provider organizations.   We are seasoned trainers – we understand compliance requirements well and know how to explain them in plain terms to employees, physicians, and other stakeholders in healthcare organizations.


Compliance Investigations

We are often called on to assist in conducting internal investigations of complex compliance concerns.  We know how to conduct and document a credible investigation.  We can help your organization evaluate investigation findings and determine steps necessary to address any compliance concerns that have been verified by the investigation process.


Policy Development, Review and Revision,

Policy Management Processes

We have deep experience developing and implementing compliance policies, and have helped organizations review, revise and update existing policies so that they reflect current regulatory requirement and organizational processes.  We have developed and implemented policy management systems and processes and can help you assure that this important element of your compliance program is working effectively to mitigate compliance risk.


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