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If you could design the perfect enterprise risk management

program, what would it look like?

Whether your organization is large or small, practices traditional loss prevention or has already begun the journey of enterprise-wide risk management, we will help you take your risk management strategy to the next level of effectiveness and efficiency. We use a combination of design thinking, ISO 31000, COSO and decision science to evaluate and optimize your approach to enterprise risk management.


Risk Management 

Three Dimensional Enterprise Risk Management

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Every Problem Has a Solution

Design thinking not only facilitates our ability to co-create targeted, evidenced-based risk management solutions, but helps us to understand the needs of all stakeholders on a deeper, more human level.


Together with an ISO 31000, COSO, value-creating frame, clients can both retroactively and proactively identify, assess, evaluate, mitigate, and monitor risk.


Adding decision science to the evaluation process, we can consistently identify, structure, and quantify unknown variables, as well as measure the value of every proposed solution, including the costs of doing nothing.

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Our Process

  • Establishes a value framework with modern decision analysis tools

  • Develops alternatives or options for action

  • Evaluates those alternatives using decision analysis and stochastic modeling

  • Recommends specific value-creating actions

  • Provides a business case analysis for proposed solutions


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