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Having a Difficult Time Finding Qualified Compliance Staff?

One thing we have learned in our 20+ years of managing, or helping organizations to manage, compliance programs is that hiring seasoned, experience compliance staff can be challenging.  The compliance profession is relatively new.  Formal educational programs to prepare compliance officers for the complex task of operating a compliance program have only existed for a decade.  And norms for what makes for an effective compliance officer are still developing.  If you are struggling to find the right compliance officer, or to fill another important role in your compliance function, our interim or outsourced compliance staffing solutions may be the right answer for you.

Interim Staffing & Outsourced Solutions


Outsourced/Contract Compliance Officer and Compliance Staff


For smaller organizations, or organizations that are not able to hire a full-time compliance officer or to fully staff a compliance function, we are available to provide services on an outsource basis.  We would be happy to discuss possible approaches or models for outsourcing the compliance officer role, or for outsourcing aspects of your compliance program function.

Interim Compliance Roles

We can serve in an interim capacity as:


  • Chief Compliance Officer

  • Chief Privacy Officer

  • Director of Special Project

  • Director of Compliance Training

  • Director of Compliance Auditing & Monitoring

  • Director of Program Effectiveness

  • Other Roles Key to the Success of Your Compliance Program

Interim Compliance Officer / Compliance Department Staffing

Our consultants have decades of experience as compliance officers, senior functional compliance leaders (e.g., of training or audit initiatives) and in other senior roles.  We have worked with organizations to resolve nearly every variant of compliance challenge, and we can “hit the ground running” as we help you manage your compliance program on an interim basis – whatever the reason for your interim staffing need. 


As interim compliance officers/compliance staff, we have worked with clients to:


  • “Hold down the fort” while a new compliance officer or other senior compliance staff member is identified and hired – taking responsibility for all aspects of the compliance officer's or compliance leader’s role on an interim basis

  • Search for, screen, interview and identify best candidates for open compliance positions

  • Informally evaluate compliance program structures and operations, and make recommendations for improvements, staffing plans, work plans and on other key aspects of the compliance program

  • Implement and operate (as CCO or Special Projects Manager) a corporate integrity agreements

  • Redesign and improve their compliance program practices

Having a Difficult Time Finding Qualified

Compliance Staff?

You have decided to take steps necessary to operate an active, effective compliance program.  But finding the right person to fill your compliance officer role has been a challenge. 


Your privacy officer has been promoted, or has left the organization for a new challenge, and you want to do a careful search, and conduct appropriate due diligence as you hire someone to fill the role.


Your board has approved an expansion to your compliance department, and you have several key roles open.  But hiring qualified, experienced staff has been a challenge – and you need to make progress building out the newly expanded compliance program.


You are managing a challenging investigation, or are preparing to implement a corporate integrity agreement, and you’re looking for interim help to assure that the compliance program succeeds.


Your organization is small.  You want to implement and operate an active, effective compliance program.  But hiring a compliance officer right now just isn’t an option.


We can help.



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Interim and Outsourced 

Compliance Staffing 


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